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Artistic Contributions

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On Thursday, September 30th, the Lək̓ʷəŋən people hosted a Na’tsa’maht Gathering in honour of National Truth and Reconciliation at Royal Beach in Colwood, in partnership with the City of Colwood and other civic leaders.

We were very honoured to be a participant in this gathering.

The Na’tsa’maht Gathering brought people from around the region together to respect and honour our First Nation peoples, our true history, and consider how we can build a more fair and just society together (na’tsa’maht).  Many people joined in a welcome to the land, sharing stories, and drawing strength from traditional song and dance, sharing food, and participating in activities that all bring us together to continue to build right relations.

The Na’tsa’maht Gathering National Truth and Reconciliation panels were designed to support reflection and reconciliation acts by the hands of First Nations and Canadians honouring the truth telling of residential schools, the impacts to survivors, and those affected intergenerational residential schools and colonization.   The two ocean going paddles, one First Nations and one Canadian symbolize the need to work together and paddle in the same direction on the same direction, respecting that at times that the strong currents of change may be difficult but that together (Na’tsa’maht) with good hearts, and good minds, we can to build a fair and just society for our future generations.

Laara Yaghujaanas, M.A.,


We had a wonderful show!

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